Tuesday, December 30, 2014

10 Ways to Keep Your Daycare Parents Happy

Keeping daycare parents happy is a very important job of the daycare business.  Letting your parents know you care about them also lets them know you care about their child.  Here are 10 ways to show your parents that they are just as important.                                                                                                               

1.  At drop off time, greet your parents with a smile and ask them how is their child or children doing.  Did they have a good night?  Did they eat a snack or have breakfast?  Are they having a good morning?  Don't forget to ask the parent how they are doing too.

2.  Share the good news about a child with daily notes, warm fuzzy's, and through email of something motivating, positive and of new achievements accomplished at the daycare. 

3.  Post a Parent board of items for sale, give-a-ways, freebies, coupons, events in the community, and reminders, etc....Parents love discounts, garage sales, and freebies..

4.  Ask parents to volunteer or help out with arts and crafts at the center.  The kids love seeing their parents or other adults around helping with activities in their class.

5.  Share a picture of the children playing, eating, napping, sharing, etc. with your parents.  Also this can be a great time to share about a milestone that their child has mastered.

6.  Get your parents email address to send messages and notes letting them know about something special their child did or accomplished at the center.

7.  Surprise and greet your parents with muffins, donuts, coffee, and bottled water occasionally before heading out for their day.

8.  Let your parents know they are welcomed any time during daycare hours.

9.  At the end of the day, ask about the parents day and tell them a thing or 2 that took place with their child.  This will help with bonding with their child or with topics of conversation on the way home.

10.  Offer a parents night out once a month on a Friday evening for a minimum fee for at least 4 hours so your parents can have time for themselves. 

These are just some ways to keep daycare parents happy.  There are other things that can be implemented as well.  These are just some of the things that Visions of Learning Child Care promotes to keep parents at Visions of Learning happy.